Certified Applicators



Having our own automotive parts coated as a customer in Cerakote we were impressed with the appearance and finish of the product. The thin film leaves parts looking natural with the added benefit of custom colours, finishes while being protected against the elements. The automotive application is a harsh environment to deal with. Heat, corrosive substances, and weather all cause wear and tear to untreated components. After a year of heat cycles, petrol/oil splashes, road grime and stone strikes our Cerakote’d parts look as good as the day they were applied! So, when the business came up for sale we jumped at the chance!

Cerakote NZ is expanding to greater capacity with upgraded facilities. We have built our business around offering a fantastic product backed with excellent service.

We are passionate about what we do. Please feel free to reach out to us and will do our upmost to find and provide the best coating solution for your project no matter how big or small. We stock a wide range of colours and series including clear coats. Both Bake and air cure.

For firearms we do require these to be dismantled prior to sending to us, we do have a certified gun safe on site to keep your items safe and from being lost.

We have expanded and invested in new plant equipment for higher quality results and a wider range of applications. We have set up a new cure/bake oven that will fit anything from nuts and bolts to full set of 20’ wheels. For all your Cerakote requirements we have you covered.

We are also pleased to offer Cerakotes superb Auto and Home products – these can be ordered direct from this website.

Give us a call or request a quote and we can guide you to customising and protecting just about anything with Cerakote.