Technical Information

The evolving Cerakote NZ story.


Cerakote is famous worldwide in the firearms industry for its hard wearing, corrosion resisting and great looking ceramic polymer coatings. The New Zealand market has grown to the extent that other industries have taken notice of the many positive properties that Cerakote holds. As primer is not required beneath the finished coating Cerakote is a very thin film with high protection qualities. Surfaces that have tight clearances or have sealing gaskets in many cases can be coated without issue. Cerakote have four series of coatings for different applications such as heat and corrosion resistance. All finishes have high chip resistance. Above all the film has an excellent finish that stands out amongst other coatings.

These are ideal properties in marine and automotive applications.

There is an unlimited number of substrates that can benefit from Cerakote performance coatings. All types of metals, plastics, polymers, and composites can have durable colours and finishes applied to suit the required appearance.

With the expanding market and increased demand, Cerakote New Zealand has moved on from being a part time-based hobby to a full-time business. Expanding investments in equipment, cater for marine and automotive applications alongside the long running firearms.  This has allowed the business to grow. Using a greater inventory of colours and performance series finishes have aided in Cerakote NZ to better cater for its customers and their requirements.